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What Does A Cosmetic Dentist Do?

July 18, 2016

Posted on July 18, 2016

When most people think about their dentist, they assume all they do is clean teeth, fill cavities, and perform root canals. But these days, modern dentists have begun to specialize and expand their skills and certifications so they can offer different services that their patients want. One such area of specialization is cosmetic dentistry.

San Francisco has always been on the cutting edge of style, social issues, and technology. Patients here realize that their teeth and their smile can go a long way in their dating life and even in their career.

What is a Cosmetic Dentist?

San Francisco patients who want to get a cavity filled but also get their teeth whitened or straightened will need the services of a cosmetic dentist.. A cosmetic dentist focuses their practice on helping change the appearance of patients’ teeth and smiles for the better.

A cosmetic dentist takes the health of a patient into account and in addition:

Dr. Skoulas is both a general and cosmetic dentist offering patients the chance to restore and improve their smiles. With a location in the center of San Francisco’s booming financial district, Dr. Skoulas takes appointments at lunchtime as well as before and after the start of the work day to provide professionals with the flexibility they need for their busy schedules.

The Importance of a Bright Healthy Smile

The expanding popularity of cosmetic dentistry has caused a new standard for dental hygiene now that anyone can get their teeth whitened and straightened almost instantly with a cosmetic dentist. San Francisco patients have begun to realize the advantages of beautifying their smiles in the competitive world of business and even dating. Your smile communicates more to other people than you realize. We’re hard wired to respond positively to people with white, even teeth because they are associated with:

  • Health
  • Attractiveness
  • Trustworthiness

To give you the smile that you want, Dr. Skoulas has developed a comfortable and modern office with the latest treatments in cosmetic dentistry. During your consultation, Dr. Skoulas will perform an examination and develop a treatment plan suited to your schedule.

When Should I Schedule My Cosmetic Treatment?

When you work with Dr. Skoulas as your cosmetic dentist, San Francisco patients can schedule treatments to be performed at your lunch hour, before or after work, or even on Saturdays for longer procedures. Most treatments, such as whitening or veneers, can be performed during an hour-long appointment so you can get back to the office right after your procedure.

If you have a few crooked or discolored teeth that keep you from smiling your biggest and feeling confident, don’t hesitate to give Dr. Skoulas a call today at (415) 757-0110. We would love to help you get the dazzling white smile you’ve always wanted. Call our office today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Skoulas.

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