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Virtual Consults in San Francisco, CA

Skoulas DDS provides virtual consult appointments in San Francisco, CA. If you are interested in receiving a consultation, call our Union Square office at 415-757-0110.

What Are Virtual Consults?

A virtual consult is a video appointment where you can see your dental provider from the comfort of your home. Virtual consults have become more popular over the past several years. They allow the dentist to see your teeth remotely and recommend what treatments might be suitable to fix your concerns.

Advantages of Virtual Consults

Dr. Skoulas will assess the condition of your teeth using her expertise in diagnosis and treatment planning during the virtual consultation. She will discuss the best procedures to improve your oral health and appearance. Dr. Skoulas can show you before and after photos of current patients' smiles, showing the life-changing results. You can learn about our services and ask for advice before being seen for your initial exam.

Virtual consults are convenient and require no drive to the office or time off work. You can get to know the dentist before meeting her in person, asking questions about her treatment approach. Virtual consults can also be helpful for new or current patients with minor dental concerns like a chipped tooth. Staff members can assess whether you need treatment in the office or whether at-home care is sufficient via a phone call prior.

Why Choose Skoulas DDS?

We provide expert cosmetic and restorative dentistry services in a friendly, professional setting. We offer comprehensive dental care under one roof for your convenience.Many of our patients are public-facing professions and expect the best treatment available. We strive to provide excellent service in a convenient manner

Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Consults

What types of problems can the dentist address with a virtual consultation?
The dentist can assess your teeth via video chat and see the dental issues that you are facing. Dentists can learn much about your teeth from a detailed visual exam via Zoom and through listening to your concerns. A virtual exam could diagnose gum disease issues, tooth decay, crooked teeth, chipped or broken teeth, and the need for cosmetic work of any kind, among many other treatments. The dentist can recommend treatments based on what they see or invite you to come into the office for further attention if x-rays are necessary.
Do virtual consultations replace in-person visits?
Dentists need to see patients in person to deliver most treatment options. If you have a concern, a virtual consult may be able to put your mind at ease. Generally, an in-person appointment follows a virtual consult if you have decided to take advantage of our services.
Can new patients make virtual visits?
Yes, a virtual visit is often an excellent way to determine whether a dentist is a good fit before making an in-person appointment. This feature is especially advantageous when the patient lives some distance away from the office.

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A virtual consult is a convenient modality for accessing dental care and voicing your concerns. We can schedule an appointment with Dr. Skoulas to offer advice and review possible treatments. If virtual consultation appeals to you, call us at 415-757-0110.

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