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Dental Implants Smile Gallery

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Dr. Skoulas is an experienced cosmetic dentist and veneer expert who places patient comfort and satisfaction above all else. She understands that a gorgeous smile can be a huge benefit to the careers and personal lives of her patients, which is why she provides beautiful, shining results every time. Take some time to look through our smiles, and then make an appointment to unlock your potential today!

Case 1

Case 1 Before Implants
Case 1 After Implants

This patient had all of her lower front teeth extracted and replaced with an implant retained bridge. Two implants were placed and porcelain crowns were placed connected to the implants to replace her missing teeth.

Case 2

Case 2 Before photo

The patient's teeth before dental implant treatment was started

Case 2 During Implant Treatment

After the extraction of hopeless teeth with bone graft and ridge development

Case 2 Tissue Development

The temporary is helping with tissue development while the implants heal

Final Results

Case 2 Implants Initial Photo
Implants Final Photo

This is the patient's smile before the implants and after the placement of the implant bridge.

Implants Initial Photo
Implants Final Photo
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