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Actual Patient
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Dr. Skoulas expertly crafts minimilly invasive, extremely thin porcelain veneers to beautify your smile.

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Veneers can be made using a variety of porcelains. Dr. Skoulas chooses the best porcelain for the longest-lasting, most beautiful results and collaborates with various master ceramists and aesthetic laboratories to create personalized smile designs for each patient either digitally or using wax. She can provide each patient with various shape, color, and texture options to ensure superb results. Often, Dr. Skoulas asks the patient to bring in a photo of a smile that they find beautiful, or their former smile as a starting point for a conversation on smile design options. Her emotional IQ and listening style allow Dr. Skoulas to better understand and collaborate with her patients as they go through this journey together.

Dr. Skoulas typically works with the following master ceramists:

Please take some time to look through their sites to understand what kind of veneers are attractive to you.

Porcelain veneers can be fabricated through completely additive means. Please do not think that your teeth need to be drilled into so that they can become more beautiful! Dr. Skoulas takes great care in ensuring that everything is mathematically structured and planned so that no tooth structure needs to be touched if unnecessary. Veneers can be extremely healthy for your teeth and a great way to protect enamel from future chipping or wear. Choose the right cosmetic dentist to ensure that the health of your teeth is taken into account and the lifespan of your teeth is not reduced, yet prioritized.

A smile design for porcelain veneers can address many aesthetic concerns. Gaps, discoloration, asymmetry, uneven teeth, chipping, wear, improper bite, tooth shape, length, width, and size are all taken into account. Often times the gums are addressed in a smile design in order to provide the proper framework for the teeth to look the same length.

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Porcelain Veneers Process

Cosmetic Consultation. During your 30-minute initial appointment for porcelain veneers, Dr. Skoulas will provide all of your options while listening to your goals. By the end of this conversation, you should have an understanding and description of the steps it will take to get the smile of your dreams. (30 min appointment)

Comprehensive Examination and Records Appointment. During your second appointment, Dr. Skoulas will ensure your teeth are in good health and ready for veneers using a variety of x-rays, an iTero digital scan of your teeth and gums, photographs of your face and mouth, and a clinical examination. After this appointment, Dr. Skoulas will utilize these records to collaborate with the master ceramist she selected to create the smile design for your veneers. (1 hour appointment)

Preparation for Placement. About 3 weeks after your examination appointment, Dr. Skoulas will prepare your teeth to place your new veneers for your smile design. During this visit, we will cater to your comfort by offering a blanket, lavender essential oils, and Netflix or your favorite musical selection. You will probably be numb for this appointment, but when you leave Dr. Skoulas' office, you will have an acrylic temporary smile design to wear for the next three weeks. This temporary smile allows you to decide if you like your future smile in shape and color. (3 hour appointment)

Cementation of your new veneers. 3 weeks later, Dr. Skoulas will remove your temporary smile design, and your teeth will be prepared using the proper porcelain cementation protocol. Dr. Skoulas may recommend that you be numb for this appointment, but we will ensure you are comfortable and at ease during this process. The thin, beautiful porcelain veneers will then be chemically bonded to your enamel, allowing the veneer to become one with your teeth. You will leave this appointment with the smile of your dreams!

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