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Composite Dental Veneers in San Francisco, CA

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Composite veneers are a NON-INVASIVE SOLUTION to a complete smile makeover without any harm to your existing tooth structure.

When considering a smile makeover or trying to understand how to accomplish a smile enhancement goal, it is very important to understand your options. Porcelain veneers or crowns can be a great option for patients with cavities or existing fillings, but COMPOSITE VENEERS are an EXCELLENT option for patients who want NO HARM done to their existing tooth structure.

Composite Veneers are a beautiful, functional way to approach veneers without shaving or drilling your natural teeth. People often fear composite veneers will not last as long, stain, or chip off. There are a variety of composites that can be used, and Dr. Skoulas has been trained to use the highest quality composite. This means the composite veneers are color-stable and as strong as your natural enamel. When applied appropriately, they should withstand all chewing forces that your natural enamel could withstand without fracturing.

Composite veneers are generally placed 8-10 teeth at a time. A smile makeover extends from one side of the smile to the other and evens out the entire smile through a symmetrical, mathematical approach to adding composite (resin) to the front surface of each tooth and shaping or carving each tooth to match. During the consultation process, your smile is thoroughly discussed, and any of your preferences are laid out for Dr. Skoulas to plan and design your future smile in advance.

Another great benefit of composite veneers is that they are less expensive than porcelain veneers due to the decreased supply cost of not needing to fabricate the porcelain. Dr. Skoulas is the smile artist who handcrafts the composite onto your teeth versus working with a ceramist.

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Process for Composite Veneers

Appointment 1: Aesthetic Consultation. Length: 30 minutes  At this appointment, Dr. Skoulas will discuss your goals and preferences in how you would envision your perfect smile. She will also be able to use photography to show you the potential of your smile with composite veneers.

Finally, a financial consultation will be started to discuss a proper financial plan between you and our financial coordinator. The total cost will be explained, and various ways to pay for treatment, including a monthly payment plan.

Appointment 2: Full Comprehensive Exam/Full mouth X-rays/Intraoral Scan/Photographs. Length: 1 hour.   At this appointment, Dr. Skoulas will plan and create a blueprint for your future smile using exam methods, data collection, and technology. At the end of this appointment, you will feel confident in the final result and will understand how all of your goals will be accomplished.

Appointment 3: Placing the Composite Veneers. Length: 6-8 hours  This is a long appointment, but Dr. Skoulas does have Netflix and Audible! In order to place the composite on your teeth, Dr. Skoulas will artistically sculpt the resin and form fit the mathematically planned blueprint onto your teeth. She will also artistically color the teeth with a variety of tints and lighter shades, as will be discussed prior.

Appointment 4: Protecting your Composite Veneers.  All composite veneers need a nightguard following their placement. We don't want the daily nighttime wear creating any microfractures in the teeth over the course of their lifespan that could lead to chipping. At this appointment, you will receive a final nightguard to wear every night.

Testimonial from one of Dr. Skoulas' Patients: 

Actual Patient after face
Lauren F., Yelp
  • I have had issues with my bite/jaw for many years, and although I've seen many dentists/specialists, I've not found relief. I started looking for a provider with more experience with my challenges, and I talked to a few offices before making an appointment with Dr. Skoulas.

    To start, I absolutely can't complain about getting dental work done in a beautiful, historic building with views of the city from the patient chair! And Abbott, the door greeter and certified good boy is always a nice benefit when he's working!

    Dr. Skoulas very clearly understood my symptoms and made immediate recommendations from that first appointment, including wisdom teeth removal, and she also connected me with her colleague, who is a TMJ specialist and provides exercises to help with TMJ pain. Dr. Skoulas also took more care and did far more to diagnose my issues than I've ever experienced. One thing that she did that was new was evaluate my bite, which she found was improper/misaligned and contributing to pain.

Her recommendations were far beyond what I'd been recommended in the past (most recs I've had in the past were not sustainable, like soft food diets or completely eliminating stress...without addressing any physical issues), and while it took me a bit to come to terms with what would need to be done, I can confidently say this was the BEST decision.

Dr. Skoulas recommended Invisalign, a deprogrammer to perfect my bite and relax my jaw, composite veneers (add-on only) to rebuild what I had lost from grinding/improper bite and to protect my teeth, and finally a night guard/retainer to protect my new investment. We also did Botox to help with jaw pain and whitening prior to the veneers. It was a long process, but the physical and aesthetic difference is truly astounding. At the very basic level, my teeth fit together the way they are supposed to! What a thought. My pain has significantly decreased and continues to do so, the tension I used to feel in my jaw isn't there anymore, and it just feels right. Beyond that, my teeth are absolutely beautiful and look so natural! Dr. Skoulas was committed to making sure they were perfect and the way that I wanted them. She had a very detailed and thorough approach to all of this, which I appreciate.

Dr. Skoulas and her staff are all really kind, and have been super patient and helpful throughout this process.

I really had come to the conclusion that I would be in pain and have limited mobility in my jaw for the rest of my life, but that is no longer the case! And my teeth are also perfect now, a big added bonus!

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