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Composite Veneers Smile Gallery

Composite Veneers are placed for various reasons, including chips, fractures, tooth contour irregularities, color adjustment, and smile symmetry. They are a healthy, non-invasive solution to cosmetically enhancing a smile as NO TOOTH STRUCTURE is removed to place the composite.

Case 1

This patient wanted to fix fractures in his front teeth as well as color change for a better matching, more aesthetic result for his two front teeth.

Case 1 teeth-before
Case 1 teeth-after

Case 2

Here you can see the lengthening of this patient's upper and lower teeth through the usage of composite veneers to replace areas of wear and fracture.

Case 2 smile-before
Case 2 smile-after

Case 3

Case 3 before face
Case 3 after face

Dr. Skoulas was able to correct her TMJ problems and her bite by beginning her reconstruction with Invisalign to stabilize the bite and then lengthening all of her worn front teeth through the usage of composite veneers. This approach is a great solution for patients with TMJ or muscular pain.

Case 3 before smile
Case 3  after smile
Case 3  before teeth
Case 3  after teeth

Case 4

Dr. Skoulas was able to close the black triangles between this patient's teeth which can become present after orthodontics, particularly Invisalign. The spaces between his teeth and above the gums were filled with composite material in a new technique called Bioclear that fills the gaps to create a toothier smile.

Case 4 -teeth-before
Case 4-teeth-after
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