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Digital Dentistry in San Francisco, CA

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Skoulas DDS provides digital dentistry services in San Francisco, CA. To make an appointment or learn more about our offerings, call our Financial District office at 415-757-0110.

What Is Digital Dentistry?

Digital dentistry involves using advanced dental technology to acquire 2-D and 3-D images for diagnostic and treatment purposes. Digital imaging provides accurate, detailed data that dentists use to make treatment plans and diagnose potential problems.

Procedures Offered

Itero Scanner

The Itero digital intraoral scanner takes photos of a patient's mouth and compiles them into a 3-D model that the dentist can use to plan procedures and help you understand your oral anatomy. It is very helpful for patients to specifically see where cavities are and the necessity of treatment on a 3-D image. 

The Itero can also provide better-quality impressions than gooey impression molding, making it faster and more comfortable for the patient.

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The Omnicam is a second 3-D scanner used for a more comfortable patient experience.  The Omnicam helps Dr. Skoulas scan restorative preparations, such as a crown, with precision to communicate her conclusions to laboratories. All of this additional technology leads to faster, smoother, better fitting restorations.

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays have several advantages over their film predecessors. They use much less radiation than film X-rays of the past, making them safe for patients. Digital X-rays capture highly detailed images, allowing dentists to zoom in and see problems early so that treatment can be completed at a faster rate than with old film.  This leads to needing less major treatment over your lifespan.

Advantages of Digital Dentistry

Provides Better Diagnostic Information

Digital dentistry provides more detailed information than standard film X-rays. Dentists can see cavities, bone issues, and other problems with finer detail. This can lead to better, preventative treatment. It is also easier for them to share these findings with you so that you can better understand your oral environment and health.

Helps Plan Safe Procedures

Digital imaging increases the accuracy of dental procedures, making them safer. If finer detail can be noted in abnormalities, then they can be treated with more precision.

Reduces the Need for Standard Dental Impressions

The Itero digital intraoral scanner has replaced traditional impression trays. Patients no longer have to sit with a messy impression tray for an extended time to receive new dental restorations.

Why Choose Skoulas DDS?

Our office employs the most advanced digital technologies to enhance patient care. Digital technology makes treatment faster, safer, and more efficient.

Skoulas DDS is one of San Francisco's most cutting-edge practices. We can provide excellent cosmetic results using updated technology and artistic skill.

Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Dentistry

What are the advantages of digital X-rays?
Digital X-rays use 80% less radiation than traditional X-rays. They need no development time, so they provide instant results. Their images are sharper and more detailed than film X-rays, which allows for faster, more preventative work. Nothing is missed and major treatments are avoided.
Why are digital X-rays needed?
Frequently, dentists cannot spot decay or other hidden issues with a visual examination. The dentist needs to know the current condition of your mouth, including within your gums and jawbone.
Why do dentists use digital intraoral cameras?
Digital intraoral cameras like the Itero scanner are handheld and highly maneuverable. They allow dentists to be able to show you, on a 3D screen, major problem areas such as cavities. This helps patients feel fully informed so that they are better able to understand their treatment plans.

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