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Case 1

Case 1 before face
Case 1 after face
Case 1-teeth-before
Case 1-teeth-after

This patient had a gummy smile for skeletal reasons. Although he did not elect to undergo surgery, we still provided him with a beautiful smile through the intrusion of his upper front teeth to reduce the gumminess and straighten the crowding.

Case 2

Case 2 before face
Case 2 after face
Case 2 teeth before
Case 2 teeth after

This patient had an anterior open bite so that her front teeth looked shorter when she smiled. We closed her open bite and straightened her teeth.

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Invisalign® takes a modern approach to straightening teeth.

It’s never too late to straighten your smile! The perfect solution for adults on the go, Invisalign® clear aligners offer a comfortable and affordable orthodontic solution without the look and feel of traditional metal braces. Using 3D computer technology, Dr. Skoulas will create a series of custom-made aligner trays that are comfortable and virtually invisible, simplifying the road to a straighter and more stylish smile!

Dr. Skoulas is currently offering free 30-minute Invisalign consultations. During these consultations, Dr. Skoulas will examine your teeth and talk to you to understand your goals and the changes you want to make to your smile and teeth. She will walk you through how Invisalign works and the process of receiving your initial Invisalign trays.

All consultations end with a financial discussion where our financial care coordinator will review your insurance and out-of-pocket costs. A financial plan will be made inclusive of any financial plans offered so that you can feel comfortable proceeding with treatment.

The next step following the initial consultation is a full comprehensive examination, a full series of x-rays, an intraoral scan, and photographs for smile analysis. This process takes an hour of time, and Dr. Skoulas will use all of this information to create a personalized plan for your teeth and future smile.

She will work with Invisalign 3D computer technology to fabricate a clear aligner plan to orthodontically move your teeth using the collected data.

Finally, 3-4 weeks after your full exam, you will receive your initial plastic aligners in office, at your third visit. At this visit, your aligners will be form fitted to your teeth and will be made sure to fit properly so that you are comfortable changing your aligners on a weekly basis at home following. The entire process is streamlined and any following visits are at most 15 minute check-ins to make sure everything is progressing properly. Most people are very happy with how quick, effective, and comfortable the entire invisalign process is when working with the expertise of Dr. Skoulas. She prides herself on making sure most of her cases last 6-8 months and not longer.

Look below are a few of Dr. Skoulas' Invisalign cases or visit our Invisalign Smile Gallery for More Transformations!

Case 3-before-teeth
Case 3-after-teeth
Case 4 Smile before
Case 4 Smile afer
Case 5 Before Photo
Case 5 After Photo
Case 6 Before Photo
Case 6 After Photo

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after Invisalign treatment?

Following the completion of your Invisalign treatment, there are crucial steps to ensure the long-term success of your newly aligned teeth. Your dentist or orthodontist will provide you with a retainer to prevent any potential shifting of your teeth. This retainer is essential to maintaining the beautiful alignment achieved during the Invisalign treatment process.

Retainers come in various forms, and your dental professional will guide you in choosing the most appropriate type for your specific needs. One option is a removable retainer, similar to the clear aligners you wore during Invisalign treatment. This retainer should be worn consistently and as instructed by your dentist to effectively preserve your new smile.

In some cases, your dentist may recommend a permanent retainer. This discreet retainer is placed behind your teeth and is bonded in place, providing continuous support to prevent any undesired movement. Your dental professional will assess whether this is a suitable choice for you based on your individual circumstances.

Regardless of the type of retainer you receive, it is crucial to follow your dentist's guidance on proper usage and care. Consistently wearing your retainer as instructed is essential for maintaining the results achieved with Invisalign. Regular check-ups with your dentist or orthodontist will also allow them to monitor the stability of your teeth and make any necessary adjustments to your retainer plan.

Remember to communicate with your dentist about any concerns or questions you may have about your post-Invisalign treatment care. By following their advice and practicing good oral hygiene, you can ensure the longevity and beautiful appearance of your newly aligned smile.

Will I speak with a lisp?
When wearing invisible aligners, they are specifically designed to fit snugly and comfortably in order to minimize any hindrance while speaking or engaging in daily activities. Although some Invisalign patients might experience a slight lisp during the initial days, it is important to note that this discomfort generally diminishes as the aligners start feeling more natural and accustomed to the wearer.
Is it too late for Invisalign?
Invisalign provides a solution for achieving a straight smile, regardless of your age or the current condition of your teeth. Whether you are in your teens, twenties, or beyond, it is never too late to explore the benefits of Invisalign treatment. With Invisalign, you have the opportunity to improve the alignment of your teeth and achieve the smile you desire.
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