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San Francisco Emergency Dentist Patient Story

June 3, 2015

Posted on June 3, 2015

Dental care is more than just prevention and restoration. It’s a pathway to greater confidence. It’s an escape from discomfort and pain. It’s how people reverse concerns that can one day become serious medical issues.

At Skoulas DDS, we are proud to help people achieve these goals and live healthier, happier lives. Learn how our progressive and effective approach supports each San Francisco dental patient.

Examination and Emergency Treatment

“Typically, I advise patients to come in for routine examinations and cleanings every six months to prevent damage and disease and to keep teeth looking their best.

A new patient visited our practice after not having seen a dentist for 10 years, unfortunately. In this time, he had developed a large infection. When he came to my office, I saw that his face had swollen, and his maxilla bones—which form the upper jaw and mouth palate—had suffered severe damage. As a result, he was barely able to breathe.

He stated that he had tried to get help at the hospital and the physicians had not known how to treat the oral infection, or if it was their responsibility. They sent him for a consult with a general dentist.

Upon seeing the extent of the infection I was perplexed at how a hospital could turn away a patient that was in such extreme need of antibiotics. A disservice to the care of the patient and portrayed the minimal education of internal medicine physicians on the oral environment. This is why 6-month check ups with your dentist are mandatory (as well as your annual physical exam).

This level of damage goes beyond normal treatment options and presents an urgent situation. I personally drove him in my car to a nearby hospital emergency room so that he could be treated with IV antibiotics. Once the patient had gotten past the major emergency concerns, he saw an oral surgeon for removal of the infection.

Later, the patient returned to my office. He thanked me and, with a lot of emotion, told me that I had saved his life for taking action that day. That’s a really rewarding experience as a dentist, as well as a reminder to us all how important proper care is.”

Dr. Antigone Skoulas

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