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My Tooth Hurts…What Could It Be?

April 6, 2016

Posted on April 6, 2016

If you’ve ever had a toothache, you know there isn’t anything else quite like it. Depending on the severity, it can make chewing difficult if not impossible and even cause pain to radiate throughout your face. For all the various causes of toothaches, only one thing is on your mind when you have one: doing anything you can to make it stop.

Chronic tooth pain is a clear indicator of a problem that needs resolving, but what about temporary pain that goes away on its own? While it’s possible that minor tooth pain is nothing to be concerned about, according to San Francisco dentist Dr. Antigone Skoulas, the only way to be certain there isn’t a larger problem is to come in for a visit.

Common Causes of Tooth Pain

Tooth pain can result from a variety of issues including:

  • Tooth Decay: Many people think that cavities are just for kids, but no matter your age, your teeth are subject to decay. Plaque that clings to your teeth wears away at the enamel and creates holes, which can lead to pain and other dental issues.
  • Abscess: A painful infection either at the root of the tooth or between the gum and a tooth, abscess is generally caused by severe decay, gum disease, or trauma to a tooth.
  • Fractures/Cracks: Trauma can cause fractures or cracks in teeth of varying severity. In minor cases, sometimes pain will come and go when chewing at first and then worsen the longer it goes untreated.
  • Damaged Fillings: With time, fillings can weaken teeth and break, causing pain. The edges around fillings also tend to be more prone to decay.
  • Repetitive chewing/grinding: Constant repetitive grinding or chewing (such as with the chewing of gum) can cause teeth to wear, eventually leading to other issues. Repetitive motions can also lead to TMJ/TMD – disorders of the jaw
  • Infected Gums: Periodontitis and its predecessor, gingivitis, are caused by untreated plaque buildup and can lead to gum inflammation, bleeding, severe pain, and even tooth loss

If you think you may be experiencing any of the above, schedule an appointment with us right away. Timely treatment of underlying dental issues is the key to not only stopping your pain but preventing them from advancing to larger problems with time.

Are you experiencing tooth pain? San Francisco dentist Dr. Antigone Skoulas can diagnose and treat a variety of dental problems to stop the pain fast. Contact us to schedule your appointment today.

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