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Breaking Bad Habits Can Help You Maintain a Whiter and Straighter Smile

April 26, 2018

Posted on April 26, 2018

A bright, radiant smile is the universal sign of happiness, friendliness, and good health. There is nothing that conveys how we are feeling and the state of our physical well-being more than a dazzling smile. People living in the Nob Hill neighborhood understand that it is vital to their careers and social lives to maintain their brilliant, straight teeth and to avoid unhealthy habits that will damage them. Cosmetic dentistry offers many options to redesign your smile.

Let’s take a look at a few bad habits that you may have acquired, and some suggested strategies for eliminating them, starting with why your teeth have lost their shine.


If you’re a current or former smoker, your teeth have probably lost their brilliance and have turned a dull shade of yellow. Smoking is a destructive, addictive habit that wreaks havoc on your entire body including your teeth. This habit is extremely difficult to stop, but it can be done. Finding a friend, or support group that is also focused on quitting can help to keep you accountable. Cosmetic dentistry procedures help to erase the tell-tale signs that smoking leaves behind and in progressive, competitive Nob Hill, it is imperative to project a clean, fresh and polished appearance.

Foods and Beverages

Another reason your once white smile may be losing its luster is that the foods and drinks you tend to consume regularly such as coffee, red wine, and berries all stain your teeth. Cosmetic dentistry patients living in the Nob Hill neighborhood can substitute different beverages and foods that are just as satisfying but don’t affect the color of their teeth.

Regular Dental Maintenance

If you’ve gotten into the habit of skipping your daily brushing more than you’d like to admit and you forget the last time you flossed or went in for a cleaning, you may be doing tremendous harm to the structure of your entire mouth. Not only will you probably experience discolored, filmy teeth, but your teeth may begin to shift due to poor oral hygiene. More than any other factor, habitual lack of proper dental upkeep will ruin your smile. Cosmetic dentistry offers patients living in the Nob Hill neighborhood plenty of options to correct damaged teeth, but preventative care is a must. A good way to get back on track, after visiting Dr. Skoulas to see what, if any damage has occurred, is to purchase a good electric toothbrush. Keeping a visual reminder such as a note on the mirror next to your sink can help too.

Patients trust Dr. Skoulas for their cosmetic dentistry needs when the straight teeth they’ve always taken pride in begin to shift out of alignment. If you were not born with crooked teeth, this could be quite alarming. Some of the bad habits that contribute to crooked teeth include:

Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking is a self-soothing technique that some people carry into adulthood. Years of consistent, gentle pressure causes teeth to shift and may require cosmetic dentistry to correct. Dr. Skoulas understands that this may be embarrassing for some patients in Nob Hill, which is why she takes time to make her patients feel comfortable, and it’s a relief for most patients to finally be able to have the opportunity to break this habit. Finding new ways to handle stress makes changing life-long habits easier. Deep breathing exercises and other relaxation techniques can be helpful.

Sleeping face down

Some Nob Hill residents have the bad habit of sleeping on their stomachs. “Face sleeping” is made worse if you’re also putting your arm under your head while you sleep. Crooked teeth result from the constant, gentle pressure that occurs night after night. A possible solution is to go to bed with the intent of sleeping on your back or side. If you wake up and are face down, roll over onto your back or side.

Teeth Grinding

Bruxism, or teeth grinding, is a common habit that can affect your teeth negatively. Chronic teeth grinding while sleeping usually requires a mouth guard. Dr. Skoulas treats patients who clench their jaws habitually when they become stressed. Again, stress is often the culprit, so a suggested coping skill is to consciously relax your jaw when you notice it beginning to tighten. Awareness is crucial when trying to correct any habit.

There are many cosmetic dentistry options available depending upon your particular dental condition. Not all of the suggested coping skills will suit everyone’s unique personality and situation, which is why Dr. Skoulas takes time to get to know her Nob Hill patients. Breaking bad habits works best when you have a good support network, including understanding medical and dental professionals.

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