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Beauty. Confidence. Health.

January 9, 2021

Posted on January 10, 2021

Welcome to the soft launch of our new branding. Practices transition and remodel themselves through the years in order to grow and stay up to date with modern advancement, technique, and current trends. Antigone Skoulas DDS started as a practice catering to busy, working professionals in the financial district. I purchased, merged, and moved into Aesthetika (a cosmetic/prosthodontic practice) in Union Square, San Francisco two years ago. We still cater and serve the demographic of San Francisco working professionals but more distinctly we have evolved into a notable cosmetic dental practice. This doesn’t mean that I am not seeing my regular patients and treating the general patient pool. But it does mean that I love to transform smiles into the most beautiful version of themselves.

This leads us to my new tag line — beauty. confidence. health.

Why these three words and what is their significance you may ask? Well, who doesn’t want to look more beautiful or handsome? One of the first things people notice about you is your smile. A beautiful, remarkable smile can separate you and brighten up an entire room. Take Julia Roberts, for example. She is most known for a smile that extends from one side of her face to the next. A beautiful smile can make you appear more inviting, or kind. It can communicate emotions that you are feeling through its appearance. Facial expressions and the shape of your smile, the way your lips sit, the positioning of your teeth, are all being read by others daily. I want to make sure that your smile allows for you to shine from within through its appearance. Everyone deserves to feel and look beautiful.

Secondly, a beautiful smile is confidence building. Taking care of your teeth and your oral health can contribute to feeling good about yourself. When you look in the mirror and like who is smiling back at you — this can give you the confidence to take on a days challenges. Staying up to date with your dental appointments, making sure you have straight, white teeth, communicating your emotions properly through facial expression, not covering your smile with your hands because you’re embarrassed- all build internal confidence. If you’re proud of yourself and you know that you are doing everything you can to maintain your health, as well as improve your appearance, your confidence will radiate. We all want to be around people that make you feel good because they feel good.

Finally, of course my primary objective is your health. I want to take the word health and use it more broadly, though. I am not here to simply make sure that your teeth look good and don’t have cavities. Nor am I here to simply clean your teeth every six months. Why do people enjoy going to soul cycle over other cycling classes? Personally, I believe it’s because it not only makes your body feel strong and healthy, but because it speaks to your soul. I am not an inspirational speaker or a personal trainer, but I am here to make sure that you feel good from within and that is what is being communicated to the world through making you an exemplary model of oral health. Through making your smile so beautiful that others will always take notice of you. Making sure that you are so proud of your smile because you are so proud of yourself.

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beauty. confidence. health.

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