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A Beautiful Smile

January 25, 2021

Posted on January 26, 2021

What makes a smile beautiful? Is it the symbolic nature of the emotional expression of happiness? Is it the symmetry presented as the lips rise on each side of the face dividing the lower face spatially? Is it straight teeth sitting within the lips that brighten the room by the contrast of white against pink?

I believe that there is a distinct beauty in a perfectly symmetrical smile within the dimensions of the face, but the real beauty resonates due to our interpretation of the act of a smile. People smile in all different ways. Have you ever noticed someone with a crooked smile that can’t seem to lift one side of the mouth as high as the other? Or a second individual that may attempt to smile but it still looks like a frown? Resting B*tch Face, if you will! Do we react the same way to someone that smiles as big as Julia Roberts’ well renowned, insured, grin to someone that has more of a smirk?

We certainly do not!

A smile is of great importance in emotional expression. A beautiful smile in how it lands on the face, its positioning, and its symmetry can light up a room (or be worth hundreds of thousands, aka Julia Roberts). Attempting to put a price value on a smile has been done, but there is nothing like being able to show your loved ones that your heart is warmed by their affectionate hug, or express your happiness at having gotten the job of your dreams to a crowd. Crooked teeth and brown teeth just will not do the trick in these situations where you will have wished you had made your smile and teeth a priority in prior years.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but as a cosmetic dentistry professional, I can let you in on a little secret. There are a range of measurements in facial symmetry and dimensions that can make a smile more beautiful and once an examination with a cosmetic dentistry professional has been completed, these minor changes may change your life and may change the way other people respond to you, as well. You never know if there have been miscommunications with others due to your inability to express your happiness to its greatest extent.

Beauty. Is the first word in my new tagline for many reasons. One being the outward portrayal of what we believe to be an attractive smile due to simple math. But even more importantly, the beauty that can be given and received due to the emotion that a smile contains. It is truly beautiful to be able to express your feelings of joy wholeheartedly without hesitation. A smile is full of beauty for all of these reasons.

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