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3 Ways a Root Canal Can Help You Avoid Dental Implants

August 17, 2018

Posted on August 17, 2018

There are many reasons why patients in San Francisco may need a root canal, including tooth decay, grinding of the teeth, old fillings, trauma and more. The good news is that a root canal is a routine procedure for a reputable dentist like Dr. Skoulas. Avoiding a root canal could potentially lead to other dental issues and eventually lead to the need for dental implants, which is a much more involved procedure. Dr. Skoulas will always evaluate every patient in San Francisco individually, but here are three ways a root canal can prevent dental implants from becoming a necessity.

A Root Canal Can Keep a Tooth Intact

If a tooth has been damaged for an extended amount of time without being treated, the only option may be to get dental implants. However, routine visits to the dentist can bring any issues to light early enough to provide the patient with more options. A root canal is generally preferred over dental implants whenever possible since the original tooth can remain intact. And the best part about a root canal is any discomfort the patient was previously feeling will be alleviated almost instantaneously when the procedure is completed.

Maintain Proper Tooth Positioning in the Jaw

Decayed teeth can eventually cause their positioning in the jaw to destabilize. Maintaining the teeth’s proper structure in the jaw is important for a beautiful smile with straight teeth, and not compromising the patient’s natural facial features. Patients in San Francisco who choose to get a root canal can enjoy the benefits of maintaining these features without having to go through the extensive procedure of getting dental implants. It’s important to discover any dental issue early, so regularly visiting a dentist is recommended.

A Root Canal Preserves a Natural Smile

A tooth infection can disrupt a person’s natural smile in different ways. No one enjoys getting a root canal, but the procedure is so routine for Dr. Skoulas that patients never regret getting it. One of the main concerns patients in San Francisco have is maintaining their natural-looking smile following any dental procedure. Dr. Skoulas uses porcelain components to seal and protect the tooth following a root canal, which looks virtually identical to the natural teeth. As a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Skoulas always has the result in mind and will ensure the structure of the teeth, as well as the appearance, are flawless following every root canal she performs.

Skoulas, DDS wants her patients to know a root canal isn’t as difficult as they think it is and has more benefits than drawbacks. This is especially true when the procedure is completed by a reputable dentist like Dr. Skoulas. While dental implants are sometimes necessary, depending on the patient’s oral health, a root canal is much more routine and is preferred by most patients.

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